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Why Choose us?... Our Schedule


  • There is structure with more flexibility than a larger childcare center
  • Your child receives individual attention
  • Less chances of illness due to fewer children
  • Your child has the same caregiver all day everyday and knows what kind of day they had and can speak with you at the end of the day if you had any concerns 
  • Your child has a bond with the caregiver and can stay from infancy to school age
  • Your family is treated like a member of our family versus being just another person in a large center
  • No need to go to an outside Preschool we offer a full Preschool with no extra expense
  • Low turnover rate
  • Private site with pictures, videos, preschool information, you can enjoy seeing your child's activities and friends that have made including sweet moments and hands on learning you can share with grandparents and extended family to open the line of communication with your child by seeing a glimpse of there day
  • Tuition rates that are affordable with todays economy 
  • References from past and present families upon request
  • Year end tax statements
  • We have a separate childcare area from my families space, it has a separate entrance, eating area, preschool area, playroom and bathroom 
  • I have received my National Accreditation in 2011
  • Achieve my Paths to Quality Level 4 Highest Rating for over 9 years
  • I am the President of Indiana Home Advisory Committee for Family Childcares so I keep up to date on any changes that affect family childcare homes
  • I have presented at the Indiana Association of Education Young Children Conference in Indianapolis      
  • I complete 30 clock hours a year for Continuing Education in Early Childhood    

                             Our Weekly Schedule 

Mondays- Journals, Hands on Learning Activity, Circle Time

Tuesdays- Yoga Large Motor Stretching, Music and Movement, Circle Time

Wednesdays- Journals, Fine Motor Skills (cutting, pasting, tracing), Circle Time

Thursdays- Science and Math, Circle Time

Fridays- Open Ended Creative Art Day, Circle Time


Lunch- 11:30 to 12:00

Nap- 12:30-3:00


My monthly activity plan includes open art, music & movement, creative play, group activities, games, science & discovery, and a suggested reading list.  We will work daily on recognizing the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers, as well as Zoo phonics and journaling for the beginning of writing skills.  I follow the Montessori philosophy of teaching. We focus on learning through constructive, creative, hands on educational play.  We also have special visitors from community helpers such as the fire department, police officer, postman etc...When children play with a mixed age group and not just their own peer-group the older kids learn patience to deal with younger ones, and help them out - the younger ones learn by watching the older ones.

      We have a separate Entry, Play Room, Preschool, Eating area, and Bathroom.